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  • $20.00

    BB Tank Vape Pen


    These flavourless vape pens are the easiest way to medicate cannabis, the pure THC distillate is great for using at work, school, or anywhere else you may want to exercise discretion. It’s resemblance to an electronic cigarette make’s it the best option for stealthy vapers.

    Best use
    Great for parties, a quick toke at your lunch break. Anytime you need a break, your vape is ready to go!

    Subtle smell & smooth taste.

    Mid strength

  • $70.00

    Secret Garden Extracts Pure Oil

    These Secret Garden Extracts atomizer tops provide you with pure (CO2) extracted THC.

    THC: 95.35%

    100% Cannabis, No additive

  • $60.00

    Secret Garden Shatter

    Secret Garden Shatter

    Do you seek higher purity and better quality? Secret Garden Extracts has it covered.

    Through the use of supercritical fluid extraction, used for making so-called “ CO2 shatter ” Secret Garden Extracts makes different, and better, cannabis concentrates. As dabbers become more terpene-conscious, extract artists are using methods that allow for higher terpenes contents, with CO2 supercritical fluid extraction at the forefront of cannabis extraction.